Smoke and mirrors

If your child is trying out for a team, look beyond the promises and seek a place of positive significance.

A club or environment that values human beings, not only the player, should be the first port of call.

This struck me as I dropped my children to school and was faced with a flyer, attached to a lamp-post, that sent a shiver down my spine.

Its placementĀ on a road which has numerous schools in the vicinity, was cunning and calculated, like the premise behind it.

The title of the company is a tell-tale sign, whilst the allure attached to it of endorsement from so-called professional scouts, allied to links with Chelsea is very disconcerting.

Some people will get sucked into this, although I would urge parents to try to find an environment where the child is valued as a person, not a player.

I cast my mind back to the time I was playing, at a similar age to the players this flyer is targeted at.

I cannot remember wanting to ‘be a footballer.’

I do remember loving the game, playing it non stop after school and at weekends with friends, whilst my happiest childhood memories are of playing football.

I knew my Sunday league club valued and looked after me, like all the other players, firstly as a human being and definitely not as a trophy to show off as a result of their work.

I was not there to be moulded into something, whilst I doubt many of todays players were ‘made’ by a coaching company either.

One thought on “Smoke and mirrors”

  1. These type of “businesses” are popping up everywhere in the south east, the problem is the “scouts” actually seem to pay more attention to these than the general grass roots clubs nowadays. Parents desperate to get their boys into an academy will go to these days , and then sign up to a number of sessions , or a season rather than enjoy the great atmosphere at most grass roots clubs. If you are good enough you should be seen wherever you are playing.

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